Why I take supplements

We live in a world today that is constantly evolving, whether it be improvements or advancements in technology, communication, the medical field and even in nutrition.

There is the endless updating of gadgets of communications such as cellular phones and laptops; and medical advancements are also very much keeping up as new evidences of advanced medical treatments are being currently practiced.

Much like all these breakthroughs, nutritionists have unceasingly studied and experimented to better and further human nutrition.


After all, who shall benefit from the above mentioned developments if the main characters (humans) are not enjoying healthy lives? The much publicized outcome when it comes to nutrition is the discovery of vitamin supplements.

Vitamin supplements are a very hot item on the market today, as people are striving to achieve healthier bodies and longer lives.

These vitamin supplements are fashioned to meet human body needs that are no longer met by simply taking in food as the basic form of acquiring nutrients.

It is generally known that a lot of “unhealthy” food are publicized and promoted for consumption in the market; while most of these fashioned to complement the fast-pace human activities such as instant-microwavable treats and ready-to-eat-or-drink food, it is similarly indisputable that quality nutrition is compromised.

Even the way raw food or ingredients such as chicken, meat, fruits and vegetables are grown are not spared from the technological spotlight. Certain chemicals found in fertilizers are added to catalyze their growth making them appealing to consumers.

With all these reasons, people today are submissive enough to realize the need for further nutrition, hence, their patronage for vitamin supplements.

I, for one, believe in the benefits these vitamin supplements provide. Since a healthy meal is not a assurance everyday, I rely on vitamin supplements to give me the lacking nutrients my body needs.

Furthermore, they are easier to digest and come in handy bottles. You can similarly purchase the vitamin you believe you need more of or have a multivitamin which is a combination of essential vitamins all in one tablet or capsule.


Advancements are everywhere, but it does not imply that I can simply neglect the most basic things my body needs, such as nutrition. I find ways to keep up with the progress surrounding me, and one of these ways is taking vitamin supplements.

While growth is taking its toll in the world and on people’s lives, we on the other hand, need to make sure we remain in control of all these, and that begins with taking utmost care of our health by reassessing our nutritional needs and making sure we actually get a dose of these. After all, the primary investment on all this progress is us (humans).

Bewildering how finding the balance in everything actually benefits the world as a whole. Vitamin supplements, as understandable as their contribution is to human nutrition, is indeed a great help in promoting general health to the people and the world.

Why I Loved Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot, the best game, gamingIt was back in October 10, 2001 when the game that I loved the most was released. The Dark Age of Camelot was something that tickled my imagination. The game is a combination of the time when King Arthur has just died and the kingdom that he left had to split into three groups. Aside from this, some Irish legends were also included as well as fantasy story lines that truly made me hooked for a long period of time.

The three different groups of the game are the following:

  • Britons – This is the original group of people that was once ruled by King Arthur before his death.
  • Celts – The very magical Celts come from the magical and enchanting world of Hibernia which is actually a small island.
  • Norse – The barbarians of the game. The Norse has come from north of Albion.

Probably because of being addicted to playing the game. I have tried all the different groups of the game. I cannot particularly say that I like one group more than the other. For me, they are all great and I do know that a lot of people who also loved the game will agree with me.

The fact that it is a role playing game made me feel like I was truly the character being portrayed on screen. I can just imagine myself actually riding the horse while playing the game. I actually wanted to try horseback riding again in real life after that until I realized that it was only the fantasy version that I liked. I think that main reason why a lot of people liked it as much as I did is because we all had to fight each other in order. Other role playing games would let people choose to fight the characters created by the computer but with this game, I was able to interact with other players and them with me, it was very challenging and it was really fun.

I remember taking the time to really see if I should choose to PVE (Player Vs. Environment) or Realm versus Realm which means that I am going to fight against other players. I have to tell you that I tried out all types of battles there. I have tried being alone when I fight with others or the environment and I have also joined some groups in order to increase my experience in the game.

I do not regret at all the time I have spent on playing the game and actually, through loving this game a lot, I have managed to give special attention to the things that are present in the online gaming world. I think no other game is still as challenging as the Dark Age of Camelot.

The Best PC Computers for Gaming

Best computer for gaming, top PC for gamingIf there is one thing that a lot of gamers consider important, it is the computer that they are going to use to play the games that they like to play. Whilst there are some gamers who use game consoles in order to play, most gamers still prefer to play using their personal computers or laptops. The main reason for this is probably because the games are more detailed because there is a lot of space that are available.

Choosing the right gaming computer can be a bit hard especially if you see all of the selections that are available. First and foremost, there are so many brands that are available and each brand has more than one computer being sold. The terms that are used to describe the specs of the computer may seem alien to a lot of people in the beginning, but doing some research about the differences of each one will help a lot.

  1. Maingear Epic Torq Super Stock

This is probably considered to be one of the most powerful gaming computers right now. One of the main reasons why it is so appealing is because the CPU is tall and slim enough to be placed on cramped spaces. It has the energy to play games that usually do not play in computers with low specs. It is also very quiet which means that it will not disturb other people. The main con about this computer is the fact that it comes with a hefty price tag. This costs more than $5,000 and of course, a lot of people just cannot help but cringe at the price.

  1. Alienware Area – 51 R2

This is the type of computer that people will probably rave about when they see its performance because the performance is truly one of a kind. The design of the computer is also one of a kind. You will be able to tell immediately that it is different from other gaming computers right now. The only con about this gaming computer is the fact that it is too bulky and too big to be placed in small, tight spaces.

  1. Cyberpower Zeus Mini

Searching for a gaming computer that is small enough and yet has high specs that can truly beat the big computers out there? The Cyberpower Zeus Mini might be just the gaming computer that you are searching for. Its sleek compact design makes it easy to place at small areas around the house. The gaming performance that you are going to get from it is also worth it. The only problem with this computer is that it is not easily upgradeable to a higher version.

  1. Maingear Shift Super Stock X99

This gives people a chance to play with high resolution and high–detail gaming. It has a lot of power considering that it has a lot of competitors. You may find yourself realizing that this is actually the gaming computer that you have been searching for quite a long time already. It is loaded with components that are all highly technological. One of the cons of this product though is that the resolution is still not up to par with other gaming computers.

  1. MSI AG270

Are you searching for the fastest personal computer that you can use for gaming? This is the right computer for you. Aside from the fact that its price is not bad at all, you can play all of the games that you would like to play without any problems of lagging. It is also touch screen and this can make a lot of difference especially for people who are already used to this innovative technology. One problem with this though is its main keyboard and computer is still corded. This can be a hindrance for some people.

  1. MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 3K

If you are not into using your personal computer when you want to play and you want something more portable, then this laptop may be the best one that you can use. It is a gaming laptop and you can also use it as a gaming ultraportable laptop that runs on Windows 8. Its 15 inch screen is enough to show all the details of the game and the laptop itself is thin enough to be brought anywhere. You may never know, this might be exactly what you are searching for.

These are just 6 of the gaming computers that you can consider if you would like to have the best gaming experience at the comfort of your own home.

Ergonomic Gaming?

gaming chair, Ergonomic Gaming, gamingWhen people are not at their desks at work and are not doing the tasks that they have to do, some people love to take time out and lounge in front of their personal computers or television screens with a gaming console. Games can truly make people more relaxed than usual. A lot of times, people play games in order to forget about the current stressful situations that they are facing in their lives. While it may relax people a lot and almost be like an escape from daily lie for others, it can also bring some bad effects to people’s health, namely because gamers tend to forget about their health when they play.

Most of the time, gamers find themselves in various gaming positions that people should not prolong for a certain period of time. Playing on the couch or on a normal chair will not do much good for people’s posture. I have to admit that once, I also played this way. I forgot about my posture, and my overall health because of playing games. When I started to feel the effects of gaming unhealthily, I have started to move around more. I have actually started exercising to the surprise of my other gaming friends. I have to tell you now that you have to stretch and move around a bit even if you are so immersed in the game that you are playing. You have to take time out to exercise. It will make a lot of difference.

Tools I Use for Gaming

One secret that I have realized has helped me play games better is making use of the ergonomic chair. At this point, you may be wondering why there is a need for the ergonomic chair when this is usually used by people who are working in the office. Think about it, how many hours do you usually spend sitting on the chair in your office? How many hours then do you spend on playing games? The hours spent in the office and in front of the monitor are almost the same.

The stand up desk is also something that I use for gaming. When I feel that I have been sitting down too long, I place the monitor on the stand up desk so that I can stand up while playing my favorite game. Sometimes, I just forget that I am standing up because the game is so addicting, but at least standing up is better than sitting down all the time.

Lastly, I also make use of some special gaming glasses. I know that I can use these glasses when I am playing for long periods of time. It helps take away the strain caused by playing too much. My eyes are actually thanking me for it. If you are an avid gamer like me, you can also use the same things that I mentioned above, and you will be sure see some changes afterwards.